Per Vegard's letter - ABB Robotics continues building its ABB Ability digital offering with NUB3D acquisition

2017-03-17 - It’s my pleasure to share with you that ABB Robotics has acquired NUB3D, a top innovator in 3D inspection and quality control solutions.
This acquisition broadens our portfolio of the digital ABB Ability solutions that are helping lead our customers to the ‘factory of the future.’

Manufacturers today increasingly have to maintain quality and productivity while accommodating greater product variation in smaller lots. This means more frequent inspections.

NUB3D uses 3D sensor technology that measures and compares physical, manufactured products with speed and high accuracy to their digital specifications. By automating the parts inspection process, ABB can help customers reduce manufacturing cycle time and the risk of quality control errors. The acquisition makes ABB the only major robot supplier with fully integrated 3D inspection and quality control solutions as part of its offering.

We first began collaborating with NUB3D five years ago and have already developed two robotized inspection solutions which our key Tier 1 accounts consider ‘state-of-the-art.’ ABB FlexInspect is an off-line inspection solution that digitizes and simplifies quality control. This type of solution is used to validate quality between large OEMs and their Tier 1 suppliers.

ABB InspectPack is an in-line inspection solution that is directly integrated into an OEM’s production lines to embed quality measurement in the manufacturing processes. ABB has also integrated NUB3D’s software with our own RobotStudio® to simplify the programming of these solutions.

From NUB3D to RobotStudio and Connected Services, the many benefits of connecting robots and software are fundamental to the ABB Ability platform and represent large growth opportunities for us. That is why we continue investing in all three of the disruptors that set us apart – Simplification, Collaboration and Digitalization.

This acquisition is a great fit to many parts of our Robotics 20/20+ strategy. It fortifies our position with our automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, with additional possibilities in targeted growth sectors like metals and plastics.

It also affirms our commitment to the complete solutions and customer intimacy that set ABB Robotics apart. NUB3D, which is based in Barcelona, Spain, will become our new Global Application Center for 3D Metrology. This is the second new application center we’ve opened in less than a year, the other being our SVIA Machine Tending center in Sweden.

The NUB3D team have done a great job of creating state-of-the-art digital solutions. Now - just like ABB - they are ready to go for the next level of growth. This means taking our combined offering to a wider range of ABB’s OEM and Tier 1 key accounts and to many new markets across our global footprint.

NUB3D has 12 employees and will be integrated into our Robots & Applications product group and continue be based in Barcelona. I know many of you share my excitement, but please wait for formal details through the integration work streams before reaching out to NUB3D or our customers. It is important that we introduce this solution in the best possible way and continue the excellent key account management practices we’ve developed.

I also want to underscore that one of the main reasons we are able to continue making such investments is the cost and cash performance you are all delivering. From our supply chain and quality teams to Net Working Capital and our modularity and R&D functions, the entire BU is contributing to our growth story.

Please join me in welcoming NUB3D to ABB Robotics!

Best regards, 
Per Vegard Nerseth

Managing Director, BU Robotics

Per Vegard Nerseth