Insights on ABB technologies for the changing chemical, oil and gas market in Malaysia

Oct 30 : ABB’s exclusive seminar for the chemical, oil and gas sector in Malaysia has hit the right notes with industry players discussing issues, challenges and solutions to maximize operational reliability, cost efficiency and energy savings in an increasingly fluid market.
Themed, “Optimizing technology and efficiency in a changing Chemical, Oil and Gas market", the seminar was held on Thursday, October 17, at the Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur, and attracted around 70 participants comprising leading EPC contractors, engineering consultants as well as end users.

“The seminar is a continuation of last year’s program which drew a similarly strong turnout from the industry. Our goal is to create opportunities for insightful exchanges and discussions between the two touching worlds to enable ABB technologies to add real value to players in the industry,” said Pauli Jarvinen, Group Senior Vice President and Head of Discrete Automation and Motion division in South Asia region.

Pauli Jarvinen
“ABB, recognized as one of the global Top 100 innovators by Thomson Reuters just recently, is well positioned to address COG industry’s needs with a wide range of automation and power solutions.However, innovation is also much about designing something to serve a specific purpose. Products that are built to be very generic seldom excel anywhere."

“At ABB we constantly look for new ways to help the COG industry become more productive and energy efficient. One good example of this is our research and development programs for subsea electrification, which can be a game changer in off-shore applications in the future,” he added.

Topics discussed at the seminar included ABB motors, generators and drives; power stability for marine application; managing optimal power flow and harmonics mitigation. ABB experts were also on hand to offer advice and share their experience on operating issues raised during the program.

Most of the participants later commented on the rich technical content which brought insights in engineering design including motor solutions for low in rush current; dynamic correction of reactive power; importance of maintenance services and tools to increase the reliability in motors and generators; and the functional safety aspects which is always the first priority for both onshore and offshore as well the new generation of drives that enable higher productivity, safety and efficiency.

Last but not least, the introduction of robotics as a topic of discussion at the seminar provided new possibilities to the chemical, oil and gas market.

Participants at the seminar