An In-Depth Look at AEP's Asset Health Center

2017-10-06 - T&D World article by Wade Smith - June 27, 2017
Weeks might pass before a transformer can be disassembled safely to determine the reason why it exploded and incinerated. I am told this situation is not uncommon when extra-high-voltage (EHV) transformers fail. Nobody wants to be near one of these (or a breaker) when it fails, and replacing one is costly and time consuming.

To protect our employees, contractors, the public and assets, American Electric Power (AEP) needed a tool to monitor the health of vital equipment, analyze data and signal alarms whenever abnormal conditions were observed. AEP needed a better way to predict equipment failures so we could intervene beforehand.

AEP operates a 40,000-mile (64,374-km) transmission system, the largest in the U.S. Much of the equipment was installed more than 50 years ago and some equipment even 80 to 100 years ago. Some of this equipment needed to be upgraded. A tool for monitoring equipment health enabled us to prioritize asset replacement based on condition and performance, not simply age. The solution is Asset Health Center (AHC), which provides actionable information based on real-time monitoring and trending.

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