Dawn of the digital transformer

2017-06-26 - Power Transformers News article - June 12, 2017
Having been introduced over 130 years ago, the humble transformer is undergoing a digital evolution that will enable better analysis of power usage and unit lifespan.

No matter how good a piece of technology is, there comes a time when it needs to evolve. The creation of the distribution transformer in the early 1880s was a technological marvel. For the first time, it allowed the high voltage flowing through the national grid to be safely and effectively reduced to end-user levels. They were originally built to feed electricity going in one direction and usually were not used at night, giving them time to cool down.

“Transformer technology has advanced significantly since then,” says Deia Bayoumi, head of global product management for distribution transformers at ABB Power Grids. “This is by necessity, as nowadays transformers are put in very stressful situations, where power is flowing in different directions, 24/7.”

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