April 24, 2013, Effect of Swedish Transport union strike.

Dear Customer,

Negotiations between Swedish Transport union and the Road Transport Employers Association (BA) have not been reached.
This has lead to strike, starting today April 24 from 12:00 (CET/GMT +1 hour).

As a fist step this will affect DHL Freight, Schenker and DSV Roads major terminals in Sweden.
This affects all terminal depending shipments with other words all groupage shipments less than 1000 kg's

Outbound deliveries
will be redirected to carriers that are not covered by the strike, we expect that deliveries will not be affected in this first step

Inbound deliveries
inbound deliveries that may be affected will be redirected to carriers that are not covered by the strike.
This will probably not affect our ability to deliver, at least these first 2 weeks.

We monitor this constantly and do everything we can to minimize the impact of ABB's deliveries in Sweden.
Updates of how this affects our ability to deliver will be published here as soon as we receive more information.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you and your customer.

ABB Control Technologies
Operations Center Sweden
Customer service group Order and Delivery