Returns of Unused Warranty Parts

2017-02-15 - Important information about process for returns of Unused Warranty Parts
All warranty orders (both Product Warranty as well as Spare Part Warranty) where an RMA document is issued, requires that the broken part is returned for analysis and evaluation. Failure to do so will result in:

- the warranty order will be invoiced according to Transfer Price
- warranty compensation will be reduced (only valid for Product Warranty)

For cases when the warranty parts is not used, it is required for the LBU to either "Request Invoice" in the Return module in BOL or return the Unused Warranty part.

When returning the Unused Warranty it is very important that the printed RMA document is clearly marked with the text “UNUSED”. This is important to avoid unnecessary costs for ABB, as all parts returned with an RMA are considered as used/broken unless otherwise stated. And as always, the printed RMA document must always be put inside the transportation packaging.

Best regards,
Robotics spare part team