ABB at RAILTEX 2013 – intelligent energy efficient power solutions

At the Railtex 2013 conference and exhibition at Earls Court in London from April 30 to May 2 ABB is showcasing its comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and services that enhance the energy efficiency, reliability and availability of modern urban, conventional and high-speed rail applications.
One of the main highlights of our stand, D92, will be the launch of the innovative Enviline™ family of products to improve traction energy efficiency.

Also on display will be ABB’s revolutionary new power electronic traction transformer (PETT), which uses power electronics to make significant weight and space savings on one of the largest and bulkiest pieces of on-board equipment.

We are also introducing Thomas & Betts’ range of low voltage products on stand E100.


Enviline™ family for traction energy efficiency
The Enviline™ is a complete suite of energy-efficient products that offers the ideal solution for each network environment. The family of products starts with the standard power supply components, such as transformers and rectifiers, continues with ABB’s latest innovations for energy recovery in traction, and is completed by assured receptivity units and protection devices.

Of note are the Enviline™ Energy Recovery System (ERS), Energy Storage System (ESS) and Energy Dissipation System (EDS). The first of these is an inverter that returns braking energy from the DC traction grid back to the AC grid. The ESS stores energy either to boost acceleration, to sell back to the grid or for other applications, and the EDS provides assured receptivity in a wayside setting.

Low Voltage Products – introducing Thomas & Betts
ABB’s worldwide, standardised, common line product engineering ensures best-in-class delivery of low voltage power distribution and motor control systems.

At Railtex 2013, we are introducing the range of products produced by Thomas & Betts on stand E100. The 2012 acquisition of Thomas & Betts brings a portfolio of over 200,000 products marketed under more than 45 premium brand names; Thomas & Betts products are found wherever electricity is used.

Rolling stock - Power Electronic Traction Transformer
Unveiled in 2012, ABB’s revolutionary PETT uses power electronics to reduce the size and weight while increasing the energy efficiency of the train and reducing noise levels.

The PETT uses power electronics to increase the frequency, which allows a reduction in the size of the heavy core and windings of the transformer. Having proven itself on a shunting locomotive in Geneva since February 2012, the traction transformer was designed with applications in multiple unit commuter and high speed trains in mind.

Trackside Power - ABB’s comprehensive portfolio of products, systems and services

ZX1.5-R Switchgear
ABB’s ZX gas insulated switchgear (GIS) especially for railway applications, the ZX1.5-R is based on our well proven well-proven three phase units and is designed to meet the requirements of two-phase high speed lines and single-phase 25 kV applications.

Currently on trial at several sites on the West Coast Main Line between Stoke and Warrington, the ZX1.5-R is already in service in China, where it is supplying safe and reliable power along the entire length of the 968 kilometre Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway line.

The ZX1.5-R is available as a ‘plug and play’ option as part of a pre-engineered compact substation package, which includes medium- and low-voltage switchgear, protection equipment and battery back-up systems in a robust steel container, allowing for fast installation and commissioning and a minimum of civil works.

Trackside Energy Storage
ABB’s Envistore™Regenerative Energy Storage System played a part in a recent world first pilot system for SEPTA (South East Pennsylvania Transit Authority) to capture the excess energy produced during train braking in a megawatt-scale battery, which stores the energy to sell back to the grid at times of high demand, turning trains into power generators and making financial savings on the order of 10 per cent of the customer’s energy bill.

Helping to increase the transmission capacity over existing AC power lines, ABB’s FACTS technology provides fast voltage regulation, active power control and load flow control. The main purpose is to minimise bottlenecks and improve the availability, reliability, stability and quality of the power supply. ABB’s offering includes dynamic shunt compensation such as the Static Var Compensator, which controls reactive power, energy storage and Series Compensation, which reduces transfer reactances.