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Welcome to the rail industry special issue
It’s timely for me to consider the exciting times we’re living through in the rail industry and how ABB’s suite of products and services can support the industry.

Rail transport remains as high as ever on the UK's national agenda and ABB is keen to support the ultimate goal of building a more resilient railway (meeting the needs of both travellers and business in a cost effective manner as part of a low carbon economy). Over the past few years, we have been driving innovation in our products to meet the UK's demands and help make railway infrastructure more efficient and sustainable.

As well as an interview with Jeremy Candfield, Director General of the Railway Industry Association, including his views on what the next few years will bring, this newsletter includes an overview of what
ABB offers the rail industry.

It also includes details about specific ABB product and project successes. Turn to page 21 to read about low voltage products from recent acquisition to ABB, Thomas & Betts, and learn about ABB’s new family of products for traction energy efficiency on page 8.

Stephen Trotter – Division Head of ABB
Power Systems Uk

Stephen Trotter, Division Head of ABB Power Systems