Why GOOSE is just the tip of the iceberg - a holistic view on IEC 61850 business case

2017-04-26 - PAC World article by Peter Rietmann and Steve Kunsman, ABB
Although nuclear power is very clean, the storage of waste and political pressure are resulting in the death of many of these plants.  For example, the state of California has one on the most advanced states in the US for renewable penetration. Their proliferation of solar and wind farms to residential roof top panels has introduced additional challenges to the electric utility from the managing power flow when the wind or sun is not present to thinking about how to protect the system as power flows are much different from when the system was designed.   Germany has announced plans to exit nuclear power by the year 2022 and in May 2016, the country for the first time was nearly 100% sourced from 45.5 gigawatts of renewable energy.  Also notably, Costa Rica was announced as the first country to be supplied by 100% renewable energy resources for more than 76 days straight in 2016. In 2015 the country managed to power itself for a total of 299 days without burning oil, coal, or natural gas.

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