ABB completed the brand new 110/20 kV ETC substation in the Hermes Park-Sofia

The new substation, powering the entire ETC, business offices and the shop area in the proximity is already operational
Sofia, April 13, 2010 – ABB completed the brand new 110/20 kV ETC substation, whose beneficiary is Carrefour Bulgaria AD and European Trade Center EOOD. The substation located in Sofia, supplies electrical power to the entire European Trade Center and it will provide stability and security in the power supply for the around 250’000 sqm of shopping and office area.

The substation is connected to 2x110 kV air transmissions line-owned by the National Electric Company, through 110 kV cable to two power transformers of 31 MVA each. The general contractor of the project is ABB Bulgaria, being responsible for the design, delivery of equipment, engineering, erection and final commissioning of the substation.

”The creative model used for the 110/20 kV ETC substation demonstrates once more ABB’s commitment to deliver energy efficient hi-tech solutions to its customers, leading to power savings and environmental protection.” - said Peter Simon, Country Manager of ABB in Bulgaria.

The 110/20 kV substation has been installed directly in the Hermes Park Building, within a total area equal two Lorries parking slots. The substation was built with a single bus sectioned 110 kV side. For the connection to the existing 110 kV overhead lines are used two 110 kV cable lines, 980 m each. 110 kV side of the substation is equipped with two PASS M0 modules (each with two breakers) - a hybrid ABB equipment with SF6 gas insulation.

An outstanding advantage of this concept is that not only the space has been considerably reduced in comparison to a conventional outdoor substation, but also the reliability of the power supply increased
drastically. The ABB Control System allows the operation of the substation without personnel and a smooth integration within the Building Management System of the Hermes Park. The modern equipment used in the project was supplied from ABB factories in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Italy, Germany and Bulgaria. The project has been completed in a short time period of 14 months.

The specific features of the substations accomplished by ABB are the high reliability of the systems, easiness in exploitation, low maintenance costs as well as benefits on the environmental protection.