Tidal and Wave power reaching maturity

In May 2013, the wave power sector took a significant steop forward when ABB-funded Aquamarine Power Ltd was granted full consent for the construction of a a40MW wave energy farm, making it the world's largest fully consented ocean power site, able to power nearly 30,000 homes.
Up to 50 of Aquamarine's Oyster devices will be installed at the wave energy farm off the north-west cost of the Scottish island of Lewis, which is one of the best wave energy location sin Europe.

Once the necessary grid infrastructure has been put in place, Aquamarine will begin the deployment of its Oyster devices, which resemble clam shells with the lower part of the shell attached to the seabed and the upper part containing a flotation device. During the operation, the oncoming waves cause the floating half of the Oyster to move up and down, driving a hydraulic piston.

The Oyster array will force water ashore through a high pressure pipeline, which will drive a conventional hydro electric turbine, converting the pressure into electrical energy.

"This is a significant milestone for our company," said Aquamarine Power's Chief Executive Officer Martin McAdam, "The goal of our industry is to become commercial, and to do this we need two things- reliable technologies and a route to market".

An Oyster 800 wave energy device