Boosting traction energy efficiency

ABB has launched a new family of products to improve railway energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, improve power quality of AC networks and provide the quickest payback at low total cost of ownership (TCO) for returning energy to an AC network.
The Enviline™ is a complete suite of energy-efficient products that offers the ideal solution for each network environment. The family of products starts with the standard power supply components, such as transformers and rectifiers, continues with ABB’s latest innovations for energy recovery in traction, and is completed by assured receptivity units and protection devices.

Of particular note are the Enviline™ Energy Recovery System (ERS), Energy Storage System (ESS) and Energy Dissipation System (EDS). The first of these is an inverter that returns braking energy from the DC traction grid back to the AC grid. The ESS stores energy to boost acceleration and for other applications (see the story on trackside energy storage below) and the EDS provides assured receptivity in a wayside setting

The Enviline™ family of products improves energy efficiency