ABB unveils new medium-voltage circuit breakers for generator applications

2017-05-12 - Full protection of your generation assets.
ABB is proud to announce its new product family of medium voltage circuit breakers VD4G for generator applications, protecting for up to 130% higher DC components levels, and footprint reduction of more than 30% from traditional solutions.

Users, operators and suppliers for small power plants such as hydro power plants or combined heat power plants, co-generation and additionally relevant industrial projects, can optimize customer’s investments by taking advantage of using the same and most compact switchgear setup, like in power distribution systems, with the new circuit breaker VD4G.

Customers can now experience the easy installation and integration of VD4G thanks to its user friendly interface and equivalent dimensions like VD4 circuit breaker. Projects for renewing or creating new plants can be speed up thanks to ABB’s skilled team of field application engineers, that enables to boost the implementation of the projects with a detailed and outstanding support to dimension and select the right rating for the specific application.

"This new release of the generator circuit breaker will allow both energy companies and the industry to maximize their return on investment and meet the challenges of climate change", says Roger Espert, Global Marketing Manager.

The VD4G family of circuit breakers represent a completely safe and risk-free solution, enabling protection of assets even in case of high DC component levels (up to 130%) without any need to adapt existing protection logic by adding intentional time delay, therefore complying to the entire set of type tests according to the new global Dual Logo Standard IEC/IEEE 62271-37-013.

The circuit breaker VD4G is available for 15 kV, from 25/16 kA to 50/50 kA, and from 1250 A up to 4000 A*, either as the main component of the ABB Medium Voltage UniGear switchgear, as well as a loose circuit breaker for panel builders and system integrators working on new projects or retrofits.

* with forced ventilation