ABB in India bags single-largest flow meter package

2013-04-23 - Urbanization is a major driver of new and improved infrastructure and emerging opportunities in the water segment place ABB as an important player in the ongoing Indian development story.

The Kolkata Environment Improvement Project (KEIP) is an Asian Development Bank-assisted project, where the beneficiary is Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) and the citizens of the metropolis.

ABB flow meters form the backbone of the water management system being implemented by HiTech Shanta Colibri JV for the Kolkata Municipal Corporation as part of KEIP. ABB has provided 165 Aqua Probe, insertion-type electromagnetic flow meters for this project.

Once completed, it will assist the utility to monitor their primary and secondary networks and reduce system losses. Knowledge-based decisions will permit
the utility to design the distribution network to provide superior and equitable distribution at lower costs.

This landmark order acquisition was led by the Zone East Sales Team for over two years and was well supported by technical specialists from the PG Flow Feeder factory in UK. This was possible due to early technical positioning of the well-established ‘AquaProbe’ widely used for clean water installations worldwide. The installation of insertion meters sets the industry standard for probe-based in-situ measurement,
without interrupting normal water supply. The rugged construction of its ‘Hot Tap’ feature and ‘Fit and Flow’ design, offers easy installation in existing pipelines, without taking the water networks offline – a distinct advantage over traditional in-line flow meters.

The AquaProbe is compatible with a battery-operated Aquamaster, offering flexibility such as five-year battery life, environmentally friendly wind/solar powered options and features like on board data loggers and data accessed via GSM networks.

This pathbreaking order opens a window of opportunity in the emerging water infrastructure segment and promises well for the future of measurement products.