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Nuremberg, Germany, November 22, 2016 - Decathlon Software aggregates data from different systems, leading to a faster and more streamlined decision-making process
ABB releases version 3.0.2 of its Decathlon Software solution. Decathlon Software converts large amounts of industrial data into actionable information, offering a basis for effective decision-making processes to operators of industrial plants.

Over the past decades, industrial automation has been taking great leaps in its development, now resulting in enormous amounts of data that represents the state of industrial production plants. Decathlon Software is a response to this trend: The accumulated relevant data is stored and analyzed with the aim of always having the best foundation for decision-making and reducing the risk of an error to a minimum.

Decathlon can be connected with multiple data sources, such as control systems, ERP and other systems. This software aggregates the data, so that decision-makers at industrial plants can get a better overview of the key performance figures about their equipment and production processes. This is particularly relevant for customers who operate multiple, in the past separated plants. In such situations, Decathlon Software acts as a hub for all the production-related data. As a result, users can better plan the processes at their plants, optimize and continually improve them, which in turn ensures competitiveness in the increasingly fast-paced markets.

Specifically, Decathlon comprises four components: View, Report, Connect and History. These components are responsible for the various connection options, for secure and ongoing archiving of data, for modern and touch-screen-optimized visualization, as well as for efficient and cross-product reporting. In addition to these components, Decathlon can be expanded with further software applications, if necessary.

ABB provides an extensive portfolio of Decathlon applications, Apps, all hosted by the common services of Decathlon Services platform. Each App offers various views and analysis tools enabling the user to assess the production data and providing decision-makers with access to important information.

The Apps include, for example, the Dashboard App synchronized with the Collaboration Table: it can be used to create relevant Dashboards within seconds. Furthermore, with Decathlon version 3.0.2, the new Trends & Events App is available, capable of representing large amounts of data via integrated filters and statistics.

With the expansion of the Decathlon Services platform with Apps and the scalability related to it, Decathlon Software can be adapted specifically to the user, providing cost-effective solutions at the same time. Additionally, Decathlon SDK (Software Development Kit) allows ABB as well as its partners to develop even more customized and industry-specific Apps.

Another important aspect is the decoupled software lifecycle of Decathlon Software from that of the control system: as a result, companies can keep their control system basis installed, but still react flexibly and quickly to the changing demands and new industry standards.

With the central database used for collecting production-related data, Decathlon Software is an important step towards the interconnection and digitalization, forming a part of the ABB strategy for the fourth industrial revolution.

ABB leads the fourth industrial revolution

For more than four decades, ABB has been a developer of control systems, communication solutions and software. This digital technology makes it possible for our customers in manufacturing, power supply and infrastructure sectors to assess their data in a more intelligent way, to optimize their operation management, and to increase productivity and efficiency. The ABB AbilityTM digital product supports our customers in developing their own technology at the same time ensuring safety, reliability, data security and privacy on the road leading to the fourth industrial revolution.
The product presented in this press release expands the selection of products offered by ABB in this field.


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Decathlon Software aggregates data from different systems, leading to a faster and more streamlined decision-making process.



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