Embracing automation

2014-03-13 - In the production plants of various industries, the chain from raw material to final product has been efficiently optimised to ensure uninterrupted production and maximum profitability. In this development, automation has played a key role. The same is now happening in container handling, where automation is expanding in the number of cranes and terminals but also in the level of functionality being delivered. Container terminals are becoming factories without roofs. This article written by Uno Bryfors, Vice President, ABB Crane Systems published in Port Technology International ed. 61 elaborates automation in container terminals from ship to gate.

Automation is taking a major leap in many parts of the world. More and more container terminals are adopting automated solutions to meet the challenge of larger ships, taller cranes and bigger call sizes. This evolution changes the role of humans in the container handling process. When automated systems are used, people are no longer continuously controlling the processes; instead they monitor, handle exceptions, and manage automated resources.

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