Enhancing Channel Partner Knowledge with Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Training

2013-04-11 - A full two-day training course on MES was conducted on April 1-2, 2013 in Thailand. The MES training was held at the Sagitate Co. Ltd office in the Nonthaburi province.
MES helps to manage manufacturing operations. Typical activities include managing product definitions, managing resources, scheduling, dispatching production orders, executing production orders, collecting production data and integrating with associated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and automation systems.

The aim of the MES training is to provide background information of MES and batch solution to equip our channel partners with the knowledge to sell our MES offering. Our channel partners have expressed keen interests in MES and batch and have revealed their plans to promote MES to the market. The training was conducted by Jack Vanderhorst and Karunesh Agarwal from ABB Singapore. The topics presented included technical information on batch for System 800xA and MES with in depth discussions on product applications. There were 10 participants from ABB and Sagitate who benefited from the training.