Fostering innovative manufacturing in Vietnam

2017-12-07 - ABB joined the Swedish Manufacturing Delegation to Vietnam, the Embassy of Sweden, and Business Sweden, together with the Ministry of Industry and Trade in a roundtable discussion and workshop focused on growing Vietnam’s position as a global manufacturing hub.

ABB joining the Swedish Manufacturing Delegation to Vietnam

Vietnam is one of Asia’s fastest growing economies, recording an average of 6% annual growth in the last two decades. With the government’s support towards industrialization to drive core economic momentum, the manufacturing sector has received significant attention from both public and private sectors.

Over the past few years, Vietnam has experienced fast growth in the food and beverage manufacturing sector and others such as electronics and automotive components manufacturing are growing at an equally rapid pace, fueled by major multinationals moving their manufacturing and assembly operations to Vietnam.
Keeping up with the latest trends and technologies in manufacturing while staying competitive has been a challenge to the country. Aiming to strengthen the collaboration between Sweden and Vietnam, the event shared experiences, best practices, and technologies to support the development of innovative manufacturing practices in Vietnam. Particular focus was on three manufacturing industries deemed strategic and critically important to Vietnam’s growth as a manufacturing hub – Electronics, Automotive and Food & Beverage.

Together with other Swedish global businesses, ABB discussed with leading Vietnamese manufacturers from the automotive, electronics and food & beverage sectors several topics including the challenges and opportunities in the manufacturing sector, success factors to foster innovative manufacturing in Vietnam and the next generation of advanced manufacturing. ABB also shared best practices of its digital technologies and how it has helped their customers solve manufacturing challenges and improve efficiency, safety and competitiveness.

ABB demonstrates the benefits of its new technologies at its own facilities in Vietnam. At its high- and medium-voltage products factories in BacNinh, ABB connects robots with low- and medium-voltage switchgear to allow remote monitoring and online analysis to improve efficiencies while ABB’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) analyzes big data to improve the factories’ yield. The facility will soon have transformers with smart sensing devices and be upgraded with the latest water treatment plant sensors, using power from its upcoming on-site solar farm.