ABB data center technology earns acclaim and $50 million string of bundled orders

2013-05-08 - The approximately half million data centers operating globally are the backbone of our digital society and must be efficient, safe and dependable. ABB has supplied the highest quality, most reliable components to data centers for many years and we recently initiated a concerted approach toward expanding our data center capabilities. Today we are well positioned as a single-source supplier for integrated data center systems and packaged solutions.
By ABB Communications

We have focused resources through a dedicated data center industry sector initiative and accompanying growth strategy that has led to:
  • Increasingly bundle our offerings through collaboration across all divisions
  • Increase our overall R&D investment
  • Leverage offerings from acquired companies, including Baldor, Thomas & Betts, Ventyx, ValidusDC and Newave
  • Partner with the world-leading manufacturers of IT hardware
  • Co-develop with innovative newcomers such as Power Assure and Nlyte
  • Broaden our advancements in electrical distribution, grid connections, infrastructure management and emergency power systems

These investments have been validated with a string of key market successes. In addition to component equipment orders, during a recent six-week period ABB was awarded expanded projects totaling $50 million:
  • Belgium: a global Internet company will expand its data center with ABB medium- and low-voltage (MV and LV) switchgear, transformers, a power management and control system, and comprehensive site services.
  • China: a telecom and two Internet companies have entered into multi-year frame agreements with ABB for the supply of LV switchgear and power distribution units (PDUs).
  • U.K.: a world-leading biomedical research and innovation center has called on ABB for MV and LV switchgear, transformers, battery systems and site services.
  • Germany: ABB LV switchgear has been incorporated into the data center solution of a competitor at the request of the customer, a public agency.
  • India: a new data center ordered advanced LV switchgear and PDUs jointly developed by ABB’s Low Voltage Systems business unit and Thomas & Betts Power Solutions unit.
  • Mexico: a large financial institution contracted with ABB for a high-voltage gas-insulated substation, MV and LV switchgear, transformers and a two-year service agreement – also coming in collaboration with Thomas & Betts Power Solutions unit.
  • Singapore: a global software company’s new data center will rely on our MV and LV switchgear, transformers, station battery system and service.

Our global reach and project execution abilities have been primary motivators for these customers to choose ABB. In addition, today’s data centers need to ensure the safety of personnel, facilities and equipment while simultaneously maintaining 24/7/365 availability of mission critical systems. Here ABB quality has a key advantage with our full suite of offerings.

Furthermore, ABB has been extending its expertise in AC power systems to pioneer DC systems, as well. Our purpose is to offer a proven DC alternative for data centers. “ABB believes both AC and DC are relevant in today’s world,” said Tarak Mehta, who heads ABB’s Low Voltage Products Division. “Our customers benefit from our optimized solutions that help them achieve capital savings, and improve energy efficiency and reliability.”

Currently, ABB is working with industry thought leaders to create a complete DC-enabled infrastructure for data centers, with a comprehensive solutions suite for both UL and IEC markets.

Whether delivered as AC or DC, power and environmental compatibility are primary concerns of data center managers. On average, a single facility consumes power equivalent to 25,000 homes, and collectively the amount of CO2 emissions resulting worldwide is rapidly approaching levels generated by nations the size of Argentina or the Netherlands.

ABB has developed Decathlon™, a highly intelligent data center infrastructure monitoring (DCIM) solution. Decathlon automates power and energy management, asset and capacity planning, alarm management, remote monitoring and other key data center functions, integrating every aspect of monitoring and control into a unified, open platform.

“There are few suppliers with offerings spanning the utility all the way to the power distribution system in the data center and also encompass infrastructure control,” said ABB Data Center Global Leader Valerie Richardson. “Combining this breadth with our global manufacturing, local project execution and service capabilities, we streamline the purchase process and deliver solutions to our customers through a single point of contact.”

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