New products launched to address new market segments

2012-12-13 - A range of MCCBs, meters and earth leakage relays will complete product offerings basket to a previously unaddressed market segment in the country

The Low Voltage Products division launched a few products recently in the Indian Market, targeting industry, construction, infrastructure and utilities. These products complement existing offerings to customers. The new range of products are the Formula range of MCCBs, earth leakage relay and multi-function meter.

“Traditionally our technology solutions have served the high-end market, now this new family of products gives us an opportunity to address the mid-range markets with fair amount of customization. We will be approaching the market through channel partners as well as making direct offerings to select customers.” Kiran Dutt, Head of Marketing and Sales, Low Voltage Products.


Formula MCCB has evolved from the Tmax range of MCCB. Potential market segments include critical power market (OEs from UPS, Genset market) and the telecom market that primarily require lower fault-level circuit breakers. The brochure can be downloaded from the link on the right side margin section.

Earth leakage relays

Earth protection relays allow monitoring of the low voltage distribution network and with them we can now offer a complete solution for earth leakage protection. With these relays we are positioned to offer a complete solution for earth leakage protection complying to IEC 947 regulations. The LP division can offer B-type protection feature compliant with IEC 947 as well as IEC 61009 (With B-type RCCBs). The complete range is tested in conjunction with MCCB and MCBs to comply with IEC 947 stipulations under Annexure M. The brochure can be downloaded from the link on right side margin section.

The M2M measurement device provides transparency on energy consumption, be it single phase or three-phase supply. Meant specifically for the medium voltage and low voltage electrical panels, the product provides real-time analysis on parameters such as voltage, current, frequency, power factor and active and reactive power. One of the outstanding features of this meter is that it provides instant information on CO2 emission-based energy consumption: important information for green building solutions. The brochure can be downloaded from the link on the right side margin section.

“We are getting a positive response from customers on the products launched and aim to build a market for them in the forthcoming quarters,” concluded Kiran.