Release of Integrated engineering tool IET600 Ver. 5.3


Dear Reader,

We are pleased to announce the release of IET600 Ver. 5.3. IET600 provides full-fledged engineering functionalities for system integration of IEC 61850 based substation automation systems.

Integrated engineering tool IET600 - introduction

IET600 allows system engineers and integrators to define and configure the complete substation automation system according to IEC 61850. It features powerful graphical interfaces to design the substation topology, manage the communication between all IEC 61850-compliant IEDs in the substation and generate a complete description of the substation in an SCD file.

New features and benefits of Ver. 5.3 versus Ver. 5.2

  • IET600 is prepared for engineering IEC 61850 Ed.2 projects (UCA conformance test pending)
  • Graphical editor for drawing the physical communication network topology of the substation automation system
  • Freeze functionality for protecting engineered solutions from unwanted modification on VL/Bay/IED level
  • New Editor for system wide definition of customer names
  • Support for customer defined signal library for simplified ABB SYS600 MicroScada engineering
  • Support for Windows 8 (32Bit / 64Bit)
Following documentation is available, on the IET600 installation CD
  • IET600 installation guide
  • IET600 user manual
  • IET600 release notes
Ordering and delivery
The IET600 can be ordered from Substation Automation Products, Västerås, Sweden. The delivery will include a transparent case with the software, manual and installation guide on CD and the USB hardware license key.

IET600 Ver. 5.3 requires the USB hardware license key to function during start-up and runtime of the tool.

Yours faithfully,

Tetsuji Maeda
Global Lead Product Manager
SA Tools & Integration Technology
Substation Automation Products & Systems