Leading European data center automates monitoring and reports with ABB Decathlon

2013-11-11 - Switzerland is renowned for the precision of its technology, and greenDatacenter Zurich West near Zurich is a prized example of that precision.
By ABB Communications

An advanced data center infrastructure management system ensures maximum reliability, energy efficiency and optimal utilization of all assets at the greenDatacenter Zurich-West facility in Switzerland

As the country’s newest, largest and most advanced Tier III data center serving companies around the world, it is positioned at the forefront of European data centers in terms of price, location, security, flexibility and range of services. With its commitment to implementing the most advanced, accurate and flexible technology, Green has chosen to install ABB Decathlon® Version 3 for its DCIM (data center infrastructure management) solution.

Precise monitoring
In 2012, the greenDatacenter Zurich West facility became a showcase for direct-current technology when ABB created a DC power distribution system that made the facility the world’s most powerful DC data center. The recently completed implementation makes ABB Decathlon the primary data center automation solution at Green, precisely monitoring the building management and electrical power systems, presenting views of all these mechanical and electrical systems on a screen. Additionally, ABB has deployed its Decathlon Command Center Extended Operator Workplace, enabling one operator at the Green data center to oversee and manage the entire data center operations.

As a result of its increased visibility across the whole operation, Green now has the capability to obtain automated reports on colocation chargebacks, power usage effectiveness, environmental status, pre-billing and service-level agreement compliance, along with thermal mapping, and visualization of floor plans — all in real time and through a single interface.

‘Disruptive’ technology
Previously, operators needed to gather the data for these reports manually and calculate them by hand or collate them from many different systems and sources, a labor-intensive task with inherent lag-time in reporting. With Decathlon Version 3, complete, up-to-the-second and accurate information is now available instantly for viewing or reporting over any period of time.

“Green is using key elements of the Decathlon system to manage one of the most modern and dynamic data centers in Europe” – 451 Group report

In a recent report, 451 Research named advanced data-center infrastructure management (DCIM), like that provided by ABB Decathlon, one of the 10 “disruptive” technologies driving a wave of change in data centers. It noted that DCIM is “likely to be a critical enabling technology for many other disruptive technologies, such as dynamic workload management, cloud-level resiliency and power-proportional computing.”

‘Modern and dynamic’
A separate report by 451 Group specifically looked at the application at greenDatacenter Zurich West and observed, “Decathlon is a function-rich suite, spanning enterprise energy management to power quality management. Green is using key elements of the Decathlon system to manage one of the most modern and dynamic data centers in Europe.”

Indeed, the greenDatacenter Zurich West has become a focal point for disruptive technology, both in its use of DC and its application of Decathlon. Its parent company, Green Datacenter AG now intends to deploy Decathlon at other data centers it owns and operates. ABB already has basic power monitoring in place at other Green facilities in the Zurich region and is working to advance those centers to the same level as Zurich West.

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