Know Your Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers

2017-07-20 - T&D World article by David Shadle - July 20, 2017
One of the numerous notable attributes of the next-generation digital substations now being deployed is the use of Non-Conventional Instrument Transformers (NCITs) as opposed to conventional current transformers (CTs) and voltage transformers (VTs). We also are migrating to combined current and voltage NCITs for metering and protection.   

Ron Pate, product manager, Instrument Transformers and Sensors, with ABB provided an informative presentation at ABB Customer World in Texas this spring regarding the use of traditional instrument transformers (“ITs”) versus sensors or NCITs.  Ron covered the pros and cons of both technology types, how sensors work and how they are evolving, when sensors may be a better choice and considerations for sensor selection. 

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