Why electric charging infrastructure will prove crucial to the future of driving

2018-03-02 - CNBC Sustainable Energy Report article by Anmar Frangoul - March 2, 2018
From small, family-run filling stations to sites operated by big businesses such as BP and Shell, owners of gas-guzzling vehicles have an abundance of options when it comes to refueling.

For those who drive electric cars, however, the choice is somewhat more limited.

"The growth of electric mobility is gaining more and more momentum," Thomas Hering, electric vehicle charging infrastructure area sales manager for German business ABB, told Sustainable Energy.

"Whereas in the beginning of electric mobility we saw only very few electric vehicles on the streets, we now see a rising demand. And we expect a larger number of electric vehicles in the near future to be driving on our streets."

As more people start to drive electric vehicles over longer distances, the need for a large-scale charging network will become increasingly pressing.

Changes are taking place. In January, for example, BP Ventures invested $5 million in FreeWire Technologies, a U.S. company that specializes in mobile electric vehicle rapid charging systems. BP said it planned to use the units at a selection of BP retail sites in the U.K. and Europe this year.

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