ABB technology helps Sinterama connect European factory equipment to the Mexico power grid

2013-11-11 - Sinterama, a leading European polyester thread and yarn manufacturer, relocated part of its production from Italy to a new facility in Mexico. ABB has installed a turnkey solution based on its PCS100 static frequency converter that allowed Sinterama to connect its equipment, which operates on a European standard 50 Hz power supply, to Mexico’s 60 Hz grid.
Sinterama’s ambition is to serve growth in the Mexican and US automotive markets, which together produce around 18.5 percent of the world’s cars. The new factory will produce some 3,500 tons of yarn each year, which are used in a variety of car interior coverings and trims.

Sinterama wanted to use equipment from its Italy plant in the new facility, but needed to avoid the costly downtime of modifying or upgrading the equipment to adapt to the Mexican power grid. ABB’s PCS100 was able to convert the supply voltage and match load requirements while ensuring a reliable power supply.

The solution will also lower Sinterama’s total cost of ownership by ensuring high reliability and maximum availability, for example keeping the equipment running through voltage sags and frequency variations. This can help reduce operating and maintenance costs in addition to unplanned downtime.

This same solution has been successfully deployed in a Sinterama facility in Brazil, increasing their confidence that the technology would perform equally in Mexico.

Managing Director of Sinterama De Mexico, Huseyin Nail Kavrak, highlighted the reason ABB’s PCS100 SFC was selected over alternative solutions; “ABB offered a better designed product and a favorable delivery time frame. This enabled Sinterama to achieve its goal of no downtime of equipment adapting to a 60 Hz grid.”

The market for Polyester in automotive interiors is continuing to grow due to its superior resistance to pilling, abrasion, and fading from sunlight.

At present, Sinterama produces a vast range of products able to satisfy any requirement for fabrics for automotive, furnishing, clothing and technical end uses. In this new facility, polyester textiles are produced for use car interiors including seat covers, panel coverings, head rests, roof liners, dashboard trims, door pillars and sun visors.

ABB’s PCS100 SFC technology

The PCS100 SFC allows connection of 60 Hz powered equipment to a 50 Hz supply network and 50 Hz powered equipment to a 60 Hz supply network.

The system functions by converting the input AC power through a sine-wave rectifier to a DC link and then through an AC sine-wave inverter to produce a clean, full sine-wave output at the new frequency and voltage. ABB’s PCS100 SFC has been applied in many applications, from plant relocation and industrial application through to onboard vessels and shore-to-ship solutions. With power ratings starting from 125 kVA to multi MVA, allows for endless options to suit both small and large operations. Of the many features, key highlights are;

– N+1 modular redundancy for mission critical applications

– Lowest total cost of ownership

– Minimal spares required

– Easy paralleling to other voltage sources using droop

– Small footprint in design

The PCS100‘s built-in modular redundancy helps ensure a clean power supply that keeps equipment running through voltage sags and frequency variation.