ABB to showcase latest technologies for water at IWEX 2013

2013-04-15 - ABB will be presenting a full range of products for water and wastewater treatment applications at stand E20 at the IWEX exhibition, NEC Birmingham, 16th-18th April 2013.
A fully automated interactive panel will show how ABB’s instruments can be integrated with its variable speed drives, electric motors and control equipment to provide customers with complete solutions for monitoring and controlling water supplies.

Amongst the products that will be featured on the panel will be an example of ABB’s Aztec Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) analyser range. Available in ammonia and fluoride sensing versions, the Aztec 600 ISE provides an additional safeguard in potable water applications. The Aztec 600 Ammonia’s wide measuring range, for example, makes it ideal for potable water intake protection, whilst the Aztec 600 Fluoride helps ensure that doses of fluoride added to water are maintained within the regulatory limits set by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.

Both the Aztec 600 ISE Ammonia and Fluoride monitors offer cost savings of up to 25 percent on reagent usage. Further savings are also achievable using the monitors’ new ‘Eco’ mode feature, which enables users to reduce pump speed in applications where a fast response time is not required. By slowing down the pump speed, less reagent is consumed, reducing the frequency of reagent changes to up to three months.

The stand will also feature examples of ABB’s electromagnetic flowmeters, including the ProbeMaster insertion electromagnetic flowmeter and the AquaMaster3. Now available with a renewable energy option, the AquaMaster3 can be installed in even the remotest locations. Adding to the existing battery and mains-powered versions, it can be hooked up to sources as small as a 5 Watt solar panel or a 60 Watt wind turbine generator.

The operational status and accuracy of the AquaMaster3 can be checked with ABB’s CalMaster2 in-situ verification service, which visitors can also see in action on the stand. With CalMaster2, users are issued with a calibration verification with an uncertainty statement. The test data can also be downloaded to a PC for analysis, with users able to easily print their own verification or service reports.

Other flowmeters from ABB’s range will be on show, including a new Coriolis meter and a SwirlMaster swirlmeter, both ideal for use in anaerobic digestion processes.

ABB will also be presenting its range of laser and radar level devices, which help solve some of the most challenging problems associated with liquids and solids measurement in water and wastewater applications.

Other products on display will include an example from ABB’s videographic data recorder family, which now includes the option of either dual or triple validation. This function enables operators to connect either two or three sensors directly into the recorders. By comparing the measurements taken from each sensor, the recorder can be used to help detect any drifts in accuracy and take appropriate action, particularly ideal in critical measurement applications such as dosing.

Visitors will also get the chance to see the latest devices from ABB’s pressure and temperature portfolio, including the new DHH805 handheld configurator. Designed for use with any HART device, the DHH805 can be used with both ABB’s instruments and those of other manufacturers, with no need for an exclusive licence, making it a truly universal device offering a greatly reduced cost of ownership.

Featuring the common ABB HMI platform, the configurator can be powered up in less than 10 seconds and is supported by a powerful battery, providing over 80 hours of continuous use before recharging.

Alongside it will be the 266 pressure transmitter. Featuring ABB’s simple menu-based user interface in clear text, the 266 can be easily configured in just seconds, with operators able to quickly select and display a range of different variables. The transmitter can also be quickly repaired or upgraded in the field by easily changing the electronics module, rather than the whole transmitter. Further time savings are made possible by the 2600T’s optional Through-The-Glass (TTG) indicator feature, enabling operators to make adjustments to settings without moving the cover, plus the inclusion of extensive diagnostic functions, with 20 standard critical and non-critical diagnostic functions built into the device.

As well as products, ABB will also be sharing its knowledge with visitors, with ABB experts scheduled to participate in two free seminars sessions:

Tony Hoyle, ABB General Sales Manager UK & Ireland, will be taking part in a panel discussion on smart water networks, in the Water Theatre, on Thursday 18th April, at between 10.45 and 11.55am. Entitled ‘The development of advanced communications in District Metered Area applications and the road to WITS DNP3’, the seminar will look at the latest advances in communications technology for DMA applications.

Also on Thursday 18th April, Julian Edwards, ABB UK Sales Specialist, will be presenting a seminar entitled Optimising surface water treatment using online instrumentation. Taking place in the Water Theatre from 13.00 until 14.00, the seminar will explain how the latest analytical technologies can help to improve the effectiveness of the coagulation control process.

"With utility operators under increasing pressure to find new ways to improve treatment efficiency whilst safeguarding water quality, events such as IWEX provide an ideal opportunity to find out about the latest methods and technologies," says James Chalmers, ABB's UK water industry manager. "As always, the ABB stand will help to demonstrate our ability to provide complete integrated solutions for use throughout the potable and waste water treatment cycles."