MicroSCADA Pro Release Tour
26-28.2.2013 in Mannheim, Germany

2013-05-07 - “MicroSCADA Pro Release tour gave me a lot of information. We have a good feeling now where we need to go with our business development” says Stefan Kautsch, Project Manager from ABB Mannheim, Germany.
MicroSCADA Pro Release Tour participants in front of Mannheim
This time we are in Germany, in one of the MicroSCADA Pro Release Tour locations. Tour participants are local ABB partners, sales people and engineers - people who work with MicroSCADA Pro portfolio. One of the participants is
Stefan Kautsch. His work experience with MicroSCADA Pro is extensive. Despite his long experience, he sees the training very valuable to his work: “For me in business development, the strategy and targets from MicroSCADA Pro are important. I think it is also essential to make sure MicroSCADA Pro also understands Germany’s requirements. We need to identify together were it would be easy to grow business”.

MicroSCADA Pro -team has been on the training tour since February. “We have clear mission” says Olav Lundström, the father of the Release Tour. “In 2012 we focused on new product releases knowing that there was a need for in-depth training within MicroSCADA Pro portfolio regarding new features and business opportunities. It is essential to talk to our partners and support them locally. In the end we have a common target, which is to deliver quality solutions to our customers”.

MicroSCADA Pro Releases Tour is a two and half day training on product news in the MicroSCADA Pro portfolio and Substation Automation. The training also focuses on smart application areas such as Network Automation and Distribution Management. In addition to presentations The Release Tour includes discussions and workshops around engineering and business opportunities. Tour agenda has 16 country locations and each training is modified to the target country’s needs.

MicroSCADA Pro Release Tour Schedule:

Incl. Denmark, Norway
Week 5
IndiaWeek 7
Incl. Oman, Saudi Arabia
Week 8
Incl. Belgium, Netherlands, UK
Week 9
ThailandWeek 13
Incl. Indonesia, Singapore
Week 15
Czech Republic
Incl. Hungary, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia,Turkey, Ukraine
Week 15
ArgentinaWeek 16
Brazil Week 16
Quarter 2
South Africa Quarter 2
Incl. Peru and Colombia
Quarter 3
RussiaQuarter 3
South Korea
Incl. Taiwan
Quarter 3
USQuarter 3
Italy Quarter 3