New product launch: COMBIFLEX High Burden Tripping Relays

2017-07-06 - Release announcement

Dear Reader,

We are pleased to announce the release of two new products in the COMBIFLEX portfolio – High Burden Tripping Relays type RXMN and RXMVC.

The relays are suitable for applications where high coil burden and high speed operation are specified e.g. master trip relays and trip lockout relays in protection schemes.

The construction is based on the existing COMBIFLEX modular design, offering the same compact footprint, safety and reliability.

RXMN 41: self-reset relay, 8 contacts
RXMN 42: self-reset relay, 16 contacts
RXMVC 41: bi-stable relay, 8 contacts
RXMVC 42: bi-stable relay, 15 contacts

Target markets
The relays are available for sale globally, although some countries may require homologation.

Messaging and value proposition

  • Based on COMBIFLEX modular design, offer a high level of safety
  • High coil burden during operation which is reduced to a low value or zero after pick-up
  • High speed operation
  • Heavy duty contacts

On offer from April 2017.

Delivery time
Typical lead time is 6 – 8 weeks.

Collateral and content

  • Data sheet
  • Product presentation

For enquiries about this product, please contact your local ABB Grid Automation representative.

Kind regards,

Gopi Venugopal
Global Lead Product Manager - COMBIFLEX
Grid Automation Products