Maintenance release of REB500 version 8.2 (


A new revision of the REB500 version 8.2 has been released. The new revision designation of the REB500 is

The following issues have been corrected / improved in the new revision:

System and security related

  • Session timeout at lost communication
    In case communication between PC and CU was lost, CU had to be restarted to re-establish communication.

  • Single busbar topology in combination with IEC 61850
    This topology is now supported

  • Test generator active signal
    Behavior has been corrected

  • Additional characters supported in feeder names
    Ä, Ö, Ü, ä, ö and ü are now shown on the LHMI500 display of the Feeder names

  • Web server security
    Web server security has been improved

  • BU-CU communication
    Stability improvements in the BU-CU communication

  • Time sync supervision
    SNTP server supervision has been harmonized with other Relion products

  • Boot up of BU
    In some cases, BU did not start up after power cycle.

  • Restart of non-used BU
    A BU not set to be part of the system did continuously reboot

Application related
  • Remote trip
    In certain configurations the remote trip was not correctly issued

  • Primary Current Plausibility (PCP)
    PCP has been enhanced to indicate which BU is the current source.

Communication related
  • IEC 60870-5-103 INF 21
    INF 21 was only reported on rising edge.

New functionality
  • 67N, directional earth fault protection has been added

Recommendation to update
We recommend users that have experienced issues as described above or/and that want increased security are recommended to update to this release.

IED Connect support
Updating to the new firmware does not require any changes in the installed IED Connectivity Packages for Relion® REB500. The connectivity package is available in the PCM600 Update Manager.

Ordering and delivery
New orders of REB500 version 8.2 will be delivered as revision Order stock as of today will be automatically updated to the new revision. New orders placed will be delivered as revision

Procedures for ordering the firmware update
Firmware update of the IED can be performed by the local ABB. If you have any questions related to this maintenance release please contact SA-T Supportline.

Please note that it is extremely important that you report back to us via SA-T Supportline when the update of the concerned IED has been completed. This information is needed to keep our product register updated and to ensure right information to the right local ABB units also in the future.

Kind regards,

Lars Frisk
Global Lead Product Manager
Grid Automation Products