SMISSLINE TP Power Bar System 250 A – More power with proven safety

2017-09-15 - The SMISSLINE TP finger-safe plug-in socket system ensures that load-free devices and components can be snapped on and off under voltage without the need for additional personal protection equipment to guard against electrical hazards.
A powerful 250 A system is now available in the shape of the SMISSLINE TP power bar system. The power bars have a rated amperage of 250 A and therefore allow a side feed of 250 A. This extends the spectrum of potential applications, particularly for applications with high-current devices. More high-current outlets can be placed on the same busbar system. The power bar system is compatible with those devices previously directly pluggable.

Safety when working with live devices
SMISSLINE TP is designed to permit hot swapping and hot plugging. An added bonus is that SMISSLINE TP is completely finger-safe (IP 20), i.e. no hazard can arise as a result of a shock current. Furthermore, the system prevents any danger to persons arising from arcs or internal faults, so no additional personal protection equipment is required. This offers enhanced personal protection and can help significantly to reduce the costs of the electrical system over the full life cycle.

Benefits of the shock-hazard-protected plug-in socket system: safety, time savings, availability, and flexibility
There are many good reasons for planners, panel builders and building owners to choose a plug-in system. That is especially true for buildings in which the focus is on safety, availability and options for expanding and modifying the electrical system. The power bar system with its 250 A power rails offers particular benefits for applications in remote power panels in data centers. But also, of course, wherever a high-current demand is required. This is primarily the case in public buildings, industrial companies, safety-related systems such as computer systems, UPS systems, transport applications, such as at airports, or in the telecommunications field.
The SMISSLINE TP plug-in socket system and the new power bar system enable upgrades to the wiring in switchgear cabinets to be carried out very easily on site – and at no extra cost since the busbars are automatically input-wired.
SMISSLINE TP makes the packages of circuit-breakers that have to be installed as reserve equipment completely unnecessary as these can be retrofitted at any time inexpensively and without lengthy downtime.
The plug-in system enables the amount of assembly and wiring work to be reduced. Input and cross wiring are not required, and output terminals can be dispensed of with direct outputs. Installation is extremely fast thanks to simplified planning and rapid mounting. The simplified installation with the capability to replace components in seconds means that expansions and upgrades are easily achieved. A simple action is all it takes to plug in any device.
The vertical mounting with SMISSLINE results in a compact design, which is extremely advantageous for both new systems and upgrades. ABB has prefabricated SMISSLINE system modules already for cabinet installation, both vertically and horizontally.

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