UPDATE: IGBT delivery problems

Dear all,

Availability challenges with the below mentioned items are still ongoing. We have regular check up meetings internally and with sub-suppliers. The situation has improved a bit but not enough to shorten the 10 week lead time. However, we have been able to help in urgent spare part needs. In urgent cases please contact your Customer Support Specialist.

The next BOL news regarding this IGBT availability problem will be published in the end of week 37.

Best regards,

Satu Kaukaranta


Our Semiconductor suppliers experience difficulties to supply our requested volume. The global demand exceeds the capacity at our suppliers and sub-suppliers. Therefore, we see for coming months supply shortages for these following materials:

This causes shortage for IGBT spare parts, DSW Services and post production for following ACS800-104 R7i and R8i modules:


Impact on our business:
We will see delays in the delivery of the current backlog and an impact on taking new orders at standard delivery time. Current delivery time for post production and DSW Services is 10 weeks from the order.

How do we manage the situation:
BU Level taskforce is in place with strong support from the functions to manage the current situation.

We apologize for the problems caused by these delays. We assure you that we do the outmost to improve the situation and to get our performance back on track on deliveries. We will update the situation on a weekly basis.

For further information please contact your Customer Support Specialist.

Best regards,

Satu Kaukaranta