Microgrids at EECON 2016

2016-11-17 - The energy transformation challenge and how microgrids enable renewable energy and support distribution systems
Outlining the opportunities and threats that the utility sector is facing is the main focus of the Electric Energy Society of Australia (EESA) conference to be held 17-18 November in Perth. Along with the requirements and challenges to integrate new technologies, while maintaining existing technologies.

Juergen Zimmermann, Business Development and Technology Manager for ABB’s Microgrids solutions, is a guest speaker and will explain how Microgrids as well as distributed generation in combination with storage, enable the increase of renewable energy within established power system networks.

"With most new renewable energy generation being inverter connected wind or solar, the focus is now shifting towards understanding how wind and solar power plants perform not only from an energy conversion perspective, but also from a power system stability perspective," said Juergen Zimmerman. "Microgrids for off-grid systems have long solved the challenge of understanding the behaviour of inverter connected systems with high penetration of renewable energy and it is this learning that ABB can bring to the larger interconnected power systems."

Juergen will outline how ABB products such as solar inverters, STATCOM, battery inverters and smart protection systems as well as power plant controllers, in combination with local power system modelling capabilities, are core ABB strengths for enabling renewable energy into the Australian market. Coupled with ABB’s transmission technology which enables the large-scale integration of remote renewables and transmission of power over distances as long as 3000 km. ABB has the technologies required for a smarter, greener power grid.

Advances in Microgrids
With proven microgrid solution which demonstrate renewables can be part of a reliable, stable off-grid electricity supply as is our experience with solar- and diesel-powered microgrids in the remote towns, such as Marble Bar and Nullagine in Western Australia. Through to installing a microgrid control system plus a containerized battery energy storage system for an integrated solar-diesel microgrid at its own premises in South Africa to advance energy storage systems. ABB is at the forefront of developing solutions for a more sustainable energy sector.

In Australia, ABB’s microgrid projects include the Australian-first battery energy storage system project in Victoria, known as the Grid Energy Storage System (GESS) for AusNet Services and the SunShiftTM redeployable solar diesel system for Laing O’Rourke.

Transformer fleet management
Julian Guild, ABB's Mature Transformer Programme manager will also be presenting data about Australia's aging transformer fleet and its impact on grid reliability. Providing an overview of the methods and tools available to help identify the condition of critical assets, determine actions that lower risk and improve transformer health, reduce maintenance costs and extend transformer life.

Juergen Zimmermann, Business Development and Technology Manager for ABB’s Microgrids solutions, is a guest speaker at EECON