Maintenance release of 670 series Ver. 2.0 (


A new revision of the 670 series version 2.0 has been released.

The new revision designation of the 670 series (except RES670) is
The new revision designation of RES670 is

The following have been corrected / improved in the new revision:

System and communication related

  • Change Lock connected to FXDSIGN OFF
    When connecting the FXDSIGN output OFF to the CHNGLCK input LOCK, sometimes the CHNGLCK output ACTIVE indicates that Change Lock is falsely active.

  • Blocking of MVGAPC
    The BLOCK input of the MVGAPC function did not change the reporting behavior of MVGAPC as expected. Now the reporting of MVGAPC is frozen if the BLOCK input is TRUE.

  • Stability improvement with PRP communication
    General stability improvements are made to the PRP communication during restart of the IED.

  • Improved supervision of CAN bus modules
    I/O module scanning and supervision on the internal CAN bus has been improved for more robustness.
Application related
  • Generator differential function, external faults with very high DC component
    When there are external faults with very high DC components in the fault currents, the CT may saturate even at low fault currents. This can lead to false differential currents and potentially cause the differential protection function to operate.

    The situation is overcome by calculating and applying the DC components temporarily to operate level IdMin. This adaptive DC biasing method will temporarily shift the operate-bias characteristic. The applied DC components will be removed when the external fault condition disappears. For this adaptive functionality, the setting NegSeqDiffEn shall be set to On.

  • Incorrect bias current calculation in transformer differential functions
    The bias current calculation was incorrect, lower than the expected value in transformer differential functions. This condition applies only to a specific case in multi-breaker arrangements and with balanced three-phase currents. This is now corrected and the bias current calculation handles this specific condition too.

  • Directional decision from distance protection ZMFPDIS and ZMFCPDIS
    Further enhancements have been made to the directional wave based element and its co-ordination with the conventional element has been optimized. These are applicable only for ultra-high voltage applications typically between the range of 730-800kV.

  • Directional information from ZMFPDIS and ZMFCPDIS
    The directional information from the distance protection functions ZMFPDIS and ZMFCPDIS is now shown even during normal load conditions while earlier this was only during fault conditions.

  • Breaker failure functions CCRBRF and CCSRBRF
    When the input BLOCK was TRUE, the active output CBALARM was forced to FALSE. This has now been modified such that the BLOCK input does not affect the output CBALARM. This applies to breaker failure function for three-phase CCRBRF and for single-phase CCSRBRF.
Recommendation to update
Users who have experienced issues as described above are recommended to update to this release.

IED Connect support
Updating to the new firmware does not require any changes in the installed IED Connectivity Packages for Relion® 670 series. The connectivity packages are available in the PCM600 update manager.

Procedures for ordering the firmware update
Please contact your local ABB.

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Global Product Manager
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