Cyber Security Advisory for MicroSCADA Pro products

An external organization has reported a cyber security vulnerability to ABB that concerns our MicroSCADA Pro products. According to ABB policy the affected end customers shall be informed about the vulnerability and it shall also be published publicly on the ABB cyber security portal later this year.

You as a system integrator should inform your possibly affected customers by the vulnerability. Please give them guidance on how to remove the vulnerability and mitigate the risks. The full advisory is attached below and it contains the description of the vulnerability and corrective actions. The advisory can be handed over to end customers.

The vulnerability concerns the following products:
MicroSCADA COM 500 4.1, 4.2
MicroSCADA SYS 500 8.4.5
MicroSCADA Pro SYS 600 9.0, 9.1, 9.1.5, 9.2, 9.3 (including FP1 and FP2)

Cyber Security Advisory


More information about ABB's cyber security policy and published vulnerabilities can be found here: (ABB internal)