Schuko socket outlets, switches and USB chargers at Tivoli Hotel

2017-05-08 - The 277 new rooms of the Tivoli Hotel are all equipped with Impressivo switches and socket outlets from ABB. The products have been selected based on functionality and design.

Tivoli Hotel is a hotel experience beyond the usual. Inspired by Denmark's most visited tourist attraction, the hotel welcomes its guests with a tastefully decorated design that provides clear associations to the old amusement park. Tivoli's designs and patterns clearly stand out in bright colors on lamps, wall decorations and wallpapers, where they appear as a visually fascinating contrast to the modern architecture of the large, bright building.
With conference facilities for 5,500 people and now as many as 679 rooms, the hotel accommodates a large number of tourists and business people from the entire world, and although the new wing opened with extra capacity on 4 July 2015, the hotel was fully booked all the summer.

Better user experience
Like the rest of the hotel, the Tivoli design team has been deeply involved in the layout of the new wing. Together with the hotel's interior decoration group, they have selected ABB's Impressivo sockets and switches for all 277 rooms. Schuko socket outlets, switches and USB chargers give the guests a better user experience, and the design was carefully selected to match the other interior fit-out.
Christina R. Mollerup, Project Manager for Tivoli Hotel says we are continuously working on customer satisfaction surveys, and our guests have previously stated that they would like to be able to charge their mobile phones at night near their beds, so now there are sockets at the bed headboards in all rooms in the new wing,

Advantages of Schuko
The electrical installation in the new wing was carried out by Lelectric A/S, who has specialized in service and new construction of hotels.

Lars Andersen from Lelectric says it has been a great experience to work with Schuko. We just had to be familiarized with all the components first, but it is a big advantage that we only use one socket instead of many different versions.
In addition, Lars Andersen emphasizes the advantage that, in the future, the hotel will easily be able to replace the frames and covers of the sockets to a different design or color if they want to make changes in the
interior layout of the rooms. Brian Klingenberg, a sales representative for the firm of Solar, who has delivered all Impressivo products, says it has been very interesting to work with something other than the usual equipment. It is good for the Danish market that there are a few more products to choose from.

The 12th floor is still missing from the Tivoli Hotel, where, in addition to the MASH Penthouse (which has already opened), a Penthouse Pool & Relax area will be opened with a freestanding pool with a glass-bottom so the guests can enjoy the view of Copenhagen below.