ABB: IoT moves from business case to business benefits

2017-10-31 - Internet of Business (iB) article by Jessica Twentyman - October 30, 2017
In an exclusive interview with Internet of Business, ABB chief digital officer Guido Jouret describes a maturing IoT where business benefits and return on investment are taking centre stage. 

“Are you a technical person or a business person?”

That’s the question that ABB chief executive Ulrich Spiesshofer asked Guido Jouret back in 2016, when the latter was interviewing for the job of chief digital officer (CDO) at the $33.8 billion Swiss-Swedish company.

“I just told him ‘Yes’,” Jouret laughs, “because I see myself as both, but also because I see the IoT as needing both.”

It’s a good answer. It certainly may have helped Jouret win the job at ABB – his appointment was duly announced in September 2016. And sure enough, those dual strands of technical expertise and business savvy run not just through Jouret’s own job, but also ABB’s wider IoT strategy. 

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