A fast delivery time was the deciding factor

2012-12-06 - The first TriDry transformers have been sold in Europe. The fast delivery time from transformer plant Brilon, Germany, was the deciding factor because the transformers could be delivered within two weeks.

TriDry transformers are available within 14 days.

TriDry transformers are dry-type transformers, which are distinguished by a triangular core arrangement. Thanks to the symmetrical structure, no-load losses, dimensions, weight, sound level, inrush current, harmonics and stray magnetic fields are automatically reduced. Based on warehousing, TriDry transformers are available within 14 days.

Two 800 kVA transformers were ordered by WISAG Elektrotechnik as part of an overall project for the MAN Truck & Bus AG. The transformers will be used in a transformer station at the work premises near their large kitchen.

The triangular core arrangement revolutionizes the transformer technology.
“By default dry-type transformers are used by MAN and in this project the RESIBLOC cast-resin transformer was favoured,” explained Manfred Handschiegel, responsible project manager for WISAG. Due to the short time delivery needed, the TriDry transformers provided an interesting alternative.

In Europe, especially in Germany, the TriDry transformer was first presented at Hanover Fair and caused a lot of interest and amazement.

Further efforts to the market launch took place during the RESIBLOC Roadshow where the TriDry was introduced to an exclusive audience. Guests, for example, included Rudolf Holzeder of WISAG who has now initiated the purchase of the two TriDry transformers.