Eden non-contact safety sensor for AS-i Safety

2013-01-15 - We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of Eden from Jokab Safety product family, adapted for AS-i safety.
Eden is a non-contact safety sensor for use on interlocked gates, hatches etc. Eden consists of two complementary parts called Adam and Eva. The sensor is only activated if the gate or hatch is closed, when Adam and Eva are face to face. Eden is constantly communicating between the two parts and any failure will directly lead to a stop signal.

We have now released Eden AS-i, a new version of Eden adapted for direct attachment to the AS-i bus. Eden AS-i has an integrated AS-i node and is connected via an M12 connection directly to the AS-i cable. Eden AS-i has a protective encapsulation that enables Eden to be used in harsh environments. Each Eden is individually coded which makes it secure against manipulation.