Comfortable living in an apartment building

2017-10-13 - All Antti has to do when he wakes up is to put out his hand and press a button next to his bed, and the coffeemaker he prepared the evening before turns on in the kitchen. A few moments later, the smell of fresh coffee lures him out of bed.
An easy way to make that vital first cup of coffee of the day may not have been Rinne’s main reason for signing up for ABB-free@home, but – almost a year later – it is still the most fun reason.

“I’m into technology, and I was keen on being able to control the lighting, because sound and light are what I do for a living,” says Rinne, who runs a company that specializes in technical solutions for events and shows.

“Living comfort is the core of ABB-free@home: easy control over lights and other home appliances,” says Sakari Hannikka, technical expert at ABB.

Antti Rinteen kodissa on toistakymmentä erilaista valaistustilannetta - yksi on erityisesti TV:n katseluun.

From home to office with one push on the button

Rinne’s spacious apartment is his home, and it doubles as his office. Antti’s job means that he knows just how important lighting is in creating the right atmosphere. He can use the space for a customer meeting in the morning, as an office during the day, and to entertain friends in the evening.

The ABB-free@home system lets you create different lighting scenes for any situation – all available just by pressing a button. Rinne is a particular fan of all the different ways he can play with the lights.

“I have got fifteen different scenes right now, and I can create more whenever I feel like it. I have special scenes for ‘sauna night,’ ‘afterparty,’ ‘cleaning,’ ‘night,’ and ‘day’ – and one for ‘Tappara,’ our local hockey team,” says Rinne, tapping his iPad to change from one scene to another.

“The system is flexible, expandable and programmable. Add a motion detector here in the living room, and you can have even more alternatives for controlling the system,” Hannikka suggests.

free@home-kotiautomaation äly on sijoitettu oven päälle pieneen sähkökeskukseen.The "intelligence" of the free@home-system is inside a small unit

The home-automation system is also possible to install during a renovation

Antti Rinne ordered ABB-free@home when his apartment was renovated from top to bottom. The electrical wiring designer was system expert Juho Syrjä from Futur Sähkö Oy, which also handled all the electrical and HPAC installations. He says that ABB-free@home works well in apartment buildings and row houses, as well as most single-family dwellings.

For an electrical wiring designer, working with a customer with a broad-minded approach to home automation was a pleasure. Most people who live in apartments or row houses see automation systems as beyond their dreams or means.

“When we explain things to them, most people are pleased to find out that a few simple elements can go a long way. And we are not talking about some futuristic technology; for us designers and creators, this is everyday work,” says Syrjä.

Asukas voi itse muokata ja tehdä ohjauksia kotiinsa. Lyhyt perehdytys asentajalta riittää.

Easy to use and modify according to needs

There is no need for the customer to be a technical expert like Rinne, because anyone can learn to use home automation with the help of an electrical wiring designer or contractor. The focus of ABB-free@home is on easy design, installation, commissioning, and use. The system has a wide range of applications in ordinary family life.

“For instance, you can press a single button when you leave the house that will turn off all the lights and cut the power supply to electrical sockets that you specify. That would certainly make your life easier,” says Hannikka.

Antti Rinne’s apartment
– Top-floor apartment in a building from 1979 located in Hervanta in Tampere, Finland.
Antti Rinteellä on käytössä 15 erilaista valaistustilannetta jotka voidaan vaihtaa napinpainalluksella15 different lightning situations and 17 Philips Hue lamps- there is no lack of color in Rintees home

– ABB-free@home was installed when the apartment was renovated.
– The addition of a suspended ceiling created the space needed for ABB-free@home bus cabling and electrical wiring.
– The system is used for controlling the lights, curtains and floor heating in the apartment. Being able to control and automatically switch off the heater on the balcony is an additional safety feature.
– Seventeen Philips Hue bulbs, with wireless remote control via ABB-free@home, create the color ambiance.

ABB-free@home system
– Easy control of home automation: lights, blinds and awnings, heating and AC, as well as door entry systems.
– Adaptability with customized and adjustable sceness for everyday life. For instance, lowering room temperature when nobody is at home reduces heating costs.
– Control using buttons, table or smartphone, also remotely
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