ABB enables Sharavathy hydel station to provide uninterrupted power to ~18 million in Karnataka

2017-02-13 - As part of a revamp of the 1,035 MW plant, ABB India has restored all 10 units of the Sharavathyhydroelectric plant and commissioned an integrated plant SCADA and automation solution. This has ensured improved power availability and reliability in the region
With an installed capacity of 1,035 MW, the Karnataka Power Corporation Limited’s (KPCL) Sharavathy hydro power generating station is a major source of power to India’s global IT hub of Bangalore. Power generation from the station came to a halt after a major fire destroyed the control room and much of cabling on February 18, 2016.

ABB’s restoration of three units to operational capacity in quick response mode in a record three weeks ensured minimized downtime. This, along with strong domain knowledge and the ability to offer integrated plant SCADA and automation system based on the popular industry platform - Symphony Plus, resulted in ABB being awarded the tender to execute the rest of the restoration work.

KPCL decided to take up restoration work in two phases. In the first emergency phase, all 10 turbines were to be restored to fully functioning capacity in the shortest possible time frame, to ensure minimal inconvenience to approximately 18 million customers across the state. In the second phase, KPCL would install a state-of-the-art automation system including sophisticated features like alarm management complying with the EEUMA 191 standard, and a single automation system for process and electrical system based on the IEC 61850 industry standard.

In the first phase, power was quickly restored by installing generator control and protection panels for all ten units, nine outgoing 220 kV lines, two bus couplers and bus sectionalizers and one busbar protection unit. Going by the usual timelines, a project of such scope would require at least a full year for complete restoration and recommissioning. But the ABB team worked under challenging timelines to fully reinstate power generation much ahead of schedule.

In the second phase, ABB’s unified automation platform Symphony Plus that complies with latest electrical standards IEC61850 and IEC60870 was installed to facilitate integration of electrical assets of substation and process assets in one common integrated system was executed in just eight months ensuring reduced plant outage during project execution.

Symphony Plus unified automation platform with seamless integration of complete plant data is an example of ABB’s future-ready technologies enabling the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This is a significant step towards enterprise-wide connectivity and digitalization for improved efficiency and productivity benefits for power producers.

The power automation project involved setting up of ten systems for each of the generating stations, and a central control room. ABB’s scope of work included design, engineering, supply and commissioning of a state-of-the-art Symphony Plus DCS system including integrated turbine vibration monitoring, upgradation of numerical relays for generator, generator transformer, and transmission lines, etc., changing from manual to remote operation and monitoring, and integrated energy management system.