ABB – “The world of opportunities”

Evdalina Papazova-Sabeva invited as an ABB guest lecturer within the Technical University of Gabrovo
Evdalina Papazova-Sabeva currently holds the Project Manager for High Voltage Products position in ABB Switzerland and she was invited to give guest lectures within the Technical University of Gabrovo on 16th and respectively 19th of April, 2013. The attending audience consisted of students from different faculties in all years of study. Over the past few weeks the university organized a series of guest lectures meant to introduce ABB and its business activities in Bulgaria to the students. This week’s topic is “ABB - The world of opportunities.

Students of Technical University - Gabrovo during the lecture

Speaking of students’ possibilities to work as engineers, Ms. Papazova-Sabeva mentioned that there are two directions: “The possibilities can be either going to a development department or something bigger if the person has a good technical understanding and communication skills which can lead them to the position of a project manager like myself. On the other hand, more skills are required to take extra responsibilities. ABB is a company which takes care of each employee’s career development.”

Being asked to give an advice to the Bulgarian students who would like to pursue an engineering career, Ms. Papazova-Sabeva said that “the students have made now the first step since they are studying engineering in the university but this is still not enough. They have to feel themselves as engineers and to know what they want to achieve in their study and in their future career. In addition to that, it’s also very important to study at least one foreign language in order to be able to express their ideas and keep up to date with the outside world. They have to be proactive to take actions whenever necessary and should never be afraid to ask questions.”

At the end of her presentation, Evdalina distributed a set of questionnaires to check the students’ perception of ABB and here are a few of their answers:

"ABB means secure and reliable energy system."

"ABB is a fast paced company producing high quality products. ABB offers excellent career chances which I hope taking."

"ABB is an opportunity for people whose personal aims are excellence and development."