ABB releases enhanced High Speed Transfer device featuring improved reliability

2017-02-14 - The enhanced version of SUE 3000 extends the use cases of ABB’s proven high speed transfer (HBT) device by providing an additional transfer mode called sequential fast transfer (break-before-make) resulting in a non-interrupted power supply.
SUE 3000 ensures the continuous power supply of critical loads by changeover of feeding busbars from their normal to a backup supply feeder and vice-versa. This is needed in auxiliary supply systems of power stations and industrial plants. The solution is easy to combine with existing protection devices and circuit breakers - independent of the manufacturer - and could be applied in low voltage as well as medium and high voltage networks. Flexible integration to the existing supply system enables fast installation and commissioning, because no changes are needed to the existing protection devices.

The new break-before-make transfer makes the SUE 3000 a perfect retrofit solution for old ABB HBT systems based on REC 316. It ensures that the circuit breaker of the main feeder is opened before sending the closing command to the circuit breaker of the standby feeder. Sensitive motors and other equipment connected to the power system, can continue to work and improved reliability in service.

ABB has more than 50 years of experience with high speed transfer applications in power generation, desalination, oil and gas, glass and aluminum production and infrastructure projects. One SUE 3000 can handle up to three circuit breakers and is a very cost efficient solution compared to traditional back-up systems. A return on invest can be achieved even after the first transfer.

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