Busch-Jaeger’s solo debut at international consumer event – the IFA

2014-09-08 - For the first time, Busch-Jaeger will be exhibiting its own booth from Sept. 5-10 at the IFA in Berlin, Germany.
The IFA is the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances attracting visitors from more than 100 countries.

Busch-Jaeger will feature innovative products and solutions for the intelligently networked home, such as the new Busch-free@home control system, as well as a unique fashion show with the BRIGITTE Fashion Run. The editorial staff spoke with Adalbert Neumann, CEO of Busch-Jaeger, about the event.

Mr. Neumann, Busch-Jaeger has its own exhibition stand at IFA for the first time. What led to this?
Adalbert Neumann: For the past six years, Busch-Jaeger was represented as a partner of the home appliance manufacturer Miele at their trade show stand, where we presented the possibilities for networking intelligent home automation technology with kitchen technology. With our own booth this year, we want to make end customers aware of Busch-Jaeger and our innovative products.

What highlights will Busch-Jaeger present?
Adalbert Neumann: Our product presentation focuses on “Living Space”. This umbrella brand represents more personal space and freedom, greater comfort and convenience, greater safety and security, improved efficiency and an enhanced quality of life via fascinating solutions of the strong Busch-Jaeger brand – all for the perfectly networked home. Busch-Jaeger has many years of experience in this field and can offer consumers a broad range of innovative products for the smart home, including intuitive control via smartphones or tablets.

What products will be in the spotlight?
Adalbert Neumann: For example, the ingeniously simple Busch-free@home home control system, which premiered in spring at the Light+Building show in Frankfurt. Busch-free@home gives you uncomplicated access to intelligent living - easy to use, intuitively operated and extremely cost-effective. It doesn’t get more convenient than this: upon request, you can control your lighting, heating, air-conditioning, blinds and/or door communication with your smartphone or tablet from the comfort of your sofa or while sitting at your desk in the office. The photo campaign “Stay smart and feel free!” is linked to the same theme. Trade show visitors can have themselves photographed in front of a display motif wall and share the image on Facebook just a few minutes later.

Fashion is also being exhibited at the Busch-Jaeger stand along with technology. What’s behind this?
Adalbert Neumann: Busch-Jaeger wants to get women more interested in “smart homes”, because women constitute an important target group for Busch-Jaeger. Current studies show that women are involved in most purchasing decisions for their homes. This is based on surveys done by the well-known Nielsen company, which show that 80 percent of all consumer decisions are made by women. Thus, Busch-Jaeger partnered with Germany’s leading women’s magazine BRIGITTE to ensure that the trendy topic of home automation with all its interesting facets will reach more women in the future. In 2012, Busch-Jaeger surprised the entire industry with the first BRIGITTE Fashion Event at the Light+Building trade show in Frankfurt. More than 8,000 visitors were fascinated by the second BRIGITTE Fashion Event at the Light+Building show in March/April of this year. Busch-Jaeger is continuing this extremely successful campaign in a particularly spectacular way with the BRIGITTE Fashion Run at IFA.

Thank you for the interview. We wish you great success at the trade show!

About Busch-Jaeger
Busch-Jaeger Elektro GmbH, the innovative market leader in the field of electrical installation technology, is one of Germany‘s strong brands. The company belongs to the ABB Group and has approx. 1,000 employees in Lüdenscheid and Aue (Bad Berleburg). At present, the company‘s product range comprises approx. 6,000 products, from the complete electrical installation program with switches, sockets, special connector systems, modular devices, dimmers and motion detectors, to door communication systems and to electronic, high-end products for building management.

At the IFA 2014, Busch-Jaeger features the popular Brigitte Fashion show