Have you taken the ABB Power Quality Challenge?

A new interactive app from ABB explains in simple terms how reactive power compensation and harmonic filtering solutions help in improving power quality of electrical networks.
Take the power quality challenge to see how harmonic pollution and low power factor can affect operations and profits in a hotel and a factory. You will see the impact of increasing loads on various electrical equipment such as fluctuating lights, flickering screens and machines and production slowing down or being interrupted. You will also experience enhan­ced efficiency, steady operations and lower downtime when Power Quality solutions are applied.

The challenge is available via the web at abb-powerqualitychallenge.com or via the iTunes App Store.
Visit abb.com for a definition of harm­onics and power factor and to find out about ABB’s range of harmonic filter and capacitor products that improve power quality.

See the impact of harmonics and low power factor