Improving grid reliability at Dubai International Airport

2013-07-15 - A contract was awarded by Dubai Aviation City Corporation (DACC) – Engineering Projects for the extension of the existing ABB SCADA monitoring system at the Dubai Airport in the UAE, a major global aviation hub.
The airport-wide electrical supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system gives the airport operational staff an excellent overview of the status of the

electrical distribution in the whole area. The scope of supply includes remote terminal units (RTU), telecommunication and integration of new field equipment in
the SCADA system. The system allows full supervision and easy operation of the electrical grid of a modern airport that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a
week, and is ranked as fourth busiest airport in the world.

ABB was first awarded the project for the implementation of the Airport Distribution SCADA (11 kilovolt network) in 2004. Earlier we installed RTUs, fiber optic cables (for SCADA system) and integrated RTUs (for Ring Main Units)and programmable logic controllers
(PLC) from the main distribution system, creating a state-of-the-art in-plant SCADA system. This additional work will see RTUs, telecommunication and integration of new field equipment in the SCADA system.

“Implementing the first SCADA system was the beginning of a successful partnership. Additional requirements made it necessary to expand the system, adding more data, more substations and more distribution equipment. We are delighted that a new contract has been signed between ABB and DACC, Engineering Projects to further develop the SCADA system,” says De Villiers, Manager for ABB’s Power Systems
division in the Gulf countries.

The system, which is now part of our Ventyx portfolio, includes functions such as dynamic network coloring, giving the operators an easy-to-read overview of the connectivity of the system. In addition, it provides gas turbine logic that automatically connects loads to the system after ramping up emergency gas turbines that will be started only in case of a blackout i.e, losing the 132 kV connections with the electrical supplier.

ABB is a leader in SCADA solutions for the oil and gas, power transmission and distribution, alternative energy, and water and waste-water markets and has extensive SCADA experience focusing on efficient, safe and profitable SCADA operations for customers.

Dubai airport – engineered for the future