ABB introduces its new PowerWave 33 Series 3 - Efficient and reliable power protection for small- and medium-sized organizations

2014-09-09 - ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has introduced its new uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) PowerWave 33 series 3 available in ratings from 60 to 120 kW.
The PowerWave 33 product range has been continuously upgraded to include the very latest hardware and software innovations. Thanks to the improved features and additional functionalities arising from this new technology update, the double conversion uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) offers the best combination of power availability and power performance in the industry.

The PowerWave 33 S3 has true online double conversion technology that continuously conditions incoming power to eliminate spikes, swells, sags, noise and harmonics, ensuring that the critical load is at no point affected by any utility disturbances.

Top-of-market 96 percent efficiency in double conversion mode reduces running costs without compromising reliability. This UPS has a very flat efficiency curve so high efficiency is reached at low load levels.

Battery runtime can be optimized to match well the exact needs. The UPS supports usage of 42-48 batteries in a single string, which minimizes the total cost of installation as optimal configuration can be used and so there is no need to oversize the battery.

1.0 rated output power factor means that each and every Watt of power is REAL power that is available for use. This helps with optimizing the complete electrical infrastructure in terms of switchgears and cabling, both upstream and downstream from the UPS.

Up to 10 units can be configured in parallel to provide over a megawatt of UPS power or redundant backup. This scalability means the UPS system capacity can be sized to match the load requirements, with the possibility to add incremental capacity later, when power needs change. The resulting savings in power usage over the service life of the UPS are substantial.

Space-saving mechanical design results in a footprint of only 0.30 m² and front-to-top airflow allows installation directly against a wall.

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