ABB brings reliable technologies to the table for the food & beverage industry

2017-10-03 - Solutions for a sustainable food future showcased at ABB F&B Forum in Singapore

Food and beverage manufacturers around the world are facing challenges to streamline their supply chains, to be more efficient, use less resources and improve productivity. Automation, robotics and digitalization are critical to help manufacturers meet their challenges. In Singapore, the food industry makes a significant impact to GDP and contributes substantially in supporting the country’s ambition to become a leading advanced manufacturing hub. ABB’s digital experience across various industries gives it a unique perspective on leveraging the fourth industrial revolution for the food and beverage industry.

This was the backdrop against which ABB held its day-long food and beverage forum in Singapore on October 3, 2017, gathering around 35 thought leaders to discuss key topics related to technology trends and industry shifts.

“The local F&B industry is looking at a rapid rise in automation and digitalization. While smart manufacturing brings advantages, understanding how to get there can be challenging,” said Johan de Villiers, Managing Director, Singapore and South-East Asia, ABB. “We understand that each factory is unique, and that the best starting point is to sit down and listen to the manufacturer’s needs and analyze their current setup, and then work together on a plan that integrates digital solutions ,” he added.

ABB Ability™ solutions were showcased at the event. These technologies help customers learn how they can unlock the benefits of Industrial IoT. These included the ABB Ability Smart Sensor for motor condition monitoring, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), laser level transmitters, and a virtual reality showcase which took participants through robotic solutions designed to increase productivity and optimize end product quality.

While the morning focused on workshops with industry leaders, the afternoon session opened the doors to plant managers and technical experts. More than 75 attendees were introduced to innovative digital solutions that address today’s industry complexities such as food safety and hygiene, reliable operations in extreme temperatures and corrosive environments, and shorter product cycles with greater variation.

Five presentations conducted by ABB experts covered topics including an overview of the ABB Ability Manufacturing Operations Management solution; factories of the future; smart motors and intelligent maintenance; smart energy management; and continuous power for the facility.

These are exciting times where automation is revolutionizing the face of food and beverage manufacturing and ABB, through such customer outreach events, looks forward to sharing its know-how and helping companies become even more cost competitive while meeting the highest standards of productivity and quality.