Expanding the family - the updated current transformers are ideal for seismic areas

2012-11-29 - The IMB 36-123 Current Transformers have been updated with a “light version” and are a complement to the IMB Current transformer family.
The light version of IMB 36-123 is intended to be used for measuring, metering and protection functions with selective primary current in utility and industrial power systems with a maximum operating voltage of 123 kV. Being a simple and cost-efficient design it is the ideal choice for application with moderate technical data.

Less failure rate
The IMB is a reliable design and international studies show that the failure rate is four times less than average. The unique quartz filling minimize the use of oil and provides a mechanical support to the cores and primary winding. The design has also a low center of gravity which makes it very suitable to use in areas with high seismic activity.

Technical data
Maximum operating voltage system 72.5 kV and 123 kV
Short time current up to 40 kA/1s
Low or moderate primary currents (up to 2000 A and 1440 A respectively)
Accuracy class starting from 0,2S (IEC) or 0,15S (ANSI)

Main features
Oil insulated hermetically sealed current transformer, hair pin (tank) type.
Available with porcelain or polymeric insulator.
Compact design: lighter current transformer with small quantity of oil which simplifies and reduces costs for transportation, civil works and final destruction.

Product verification
Products performances are validated by type testing as per IEC and ANSI standards witnessed by a SATS inspector.

For further technical information on current transformers, please refer to the Buyers Guide – see link in the right hand margin.