ABB launches a new range of Energy Storage Inverters (ESI) with power quality features

2016-12-12 - The ESI connects storage devices like batteries to the electrical grid and as such can help minimize the gap between supply and demand of electrical energy as well as improve power quality
ABB’s new ESI range of bi-directional inverters is a one stop solution for energy storage needs and power quality problems. The ESI range can be used with different types of battery technology, and can be used in LV applications as well as MV applications by connecting through a step-up transformer. It is also packed with powerful features to enhance power quality issues such as harmonic mitigation, load balancing and reactive power compensation. The ESI thus adds much more value to any battery energy storage system (BESS) by doubling up as a power quality improvement device.

The ESI is available for a wide range of power and DC control voltages. Charging and discharging batteries with precision control and providing Power Quality support are the key features of ABB’s ESI.

Some other important benefits are:

  • Flexibility:
    • The ESI can be controlled with a wide range of supervisory controllers, thanks to the Modbus RTU/ Modbus TCP-IP protocol.
    • For small systems, it can work standalone. The customer’s algorithm can be embedded in the ESI’s control system; software upgrade can be managed by the system integrators.
    • ABB’s ESI can handle a wide range of battery technologies such as Li-Ion, Na-S etc. and can also be used in conjunction with supercaps.
    • The ESI can be used for MV BESS-systems through the addition of a step-up transformer.
  • Power quality functionalities:
    • Load balancing in both 3 and 4-wire systems, designed to control active and reactive power parameters individually in each phase (in 4-wire configuration),
    • Harmonic filtering of a large number of individual harmonic components with high efficiency, up to 50th harmonic order.
    • Reactive power compensation of both inductive and capacitive loads with settable target.
  • Modular design: up to 8 inverters can be connected together for a large range of powers. The redundancy functionality provides the highest level of availability.
  • Flexible topology: Common DC bus (equivalent to a Master / Slave configuration) or separated DC bus for full redundancy & flexibility.
  • Small footprint thanks to high power density.
  • Easy maintenance and upgrades: firmware upgrade of the inverter system can be managed by the system integrators. Possibility for value add activities such as a service agreement with the end users of the BESS.
  • Proven and reliable design based on ABB well reputed experience with active converter technology.
  • Islanding mode- In many applications, uninterrupted power supply for sensitive loads is a must (e.g. data centers etc). An energy storage system with ABB’s ESI inverters can meet the needs of such demanding loads, thanks to its capability of operating in islanding mode as well as having black start features.
Comprehensive range of inverters:
The ESI range offers three type of inverters- ESI-I up to 315 kW in one unit, ESI-M up to 100 kW in one unit and ESI-S up to 85 kW in one unit. ESI-I and ESI-M are free standing cubicles where as ESI-S are designed for wall mounting. The choice of the inverter depends on the power requirement, type of network connection and various other parameters.

Ideal solution for system integrators:
Through the ESI range series, ABB offers the system integrators an ideal solution for many applications of BESS:
  • Maintaining voltage and frequency
  • Integration of renewable energy in the grid system
  • Peak shaving for commercial and residential loads
  • Renewable energy time shift
  • Open platform for developing Energy Storage algorithms
  • Addressing reactive power and harmonic issues of wind- and solar- farms in addition to providing energy storage and this way providing an efficient one-solution-tool to address both BESS and Power Quality requirements
The new ESI range of low voltage energy storage inverters are one example of ABB’s diverse offering for solving a variety of power quality challenges for consumers and suppliers of electrical power.