Rio Tinto Alcan’s plant in Alma presents ABB with a special Health, Safety and Environment award

2014-03-17 - A proven repair solution, unwavering dedication to meeting Rio Tinto Alcan’s highest safety standards garner ABB a special Employee Recognition award.

ABB's Yvan Tardif with fellow award recipients François-Charles Guay (left), the Engineer responsible for the project and Sylvain Barrette (right), Supervisor of the High Voltage Substation for Rio Tinto Alcan’s Alma plant.

Rio Tinto Alcan’s plant in Alma, Quebec recently presented three employees -- one from ABB and two from RTA -- with a prestigious RTA Health, Safety and Environment award for their outstanding leadership on the ABB rectifier transformer repair project.

Yvan Tardif, ABB’s Project Manager for the Transformer Remanufacturing and Engineering Services (TRES) organization for ABB, as well as Rio Tinto Alcan employees François-Charles Guay, the Engineer responsible for the project and Sylvain Barrette, Supervisor of the High Voltage Substation were recognized for their efforts in successfully completing 2,500 hours without injuries at the aluminium smelter in Alma, Quebec.

This award is rarely awarded to a Rio Tinto Alcan sub-contractor and demonstrates Yvan's unwavering commitment to safety, project management, supervision and expertise in overseeing complex repairs. "I was honored to be recognized by Rio Tinto Alcan," says Yvan. "It is a pleasure to be working with the Rio Tinto team and putting safety measures at the forefront of all our activities."

There are seven rectifier transformers being repaired on site. They are located in confined areas, making it complex for repair technicians to access the units. To tackle this project, ABB also designed and built special equipment to lift heavy one-tonne parts being replaced inside the rectifier transformers.

“Health and Safety is a priority at all times at the Alma plant, and we are determined to do everything possible to operate in the safest workplace,” stated Jean Brousseau, head of Service, Management of assets and entrepreneurs. “We are very proud of the leadership and the health and safety excellence that our project team demonstrated, which is why we awarded them this prize.”

“Yvan Tardif’s collaboration and commitment impressed us, added Sylvain Barrette, Supervisor of the High Voltage Substation at the Alma plant. “Not only did he adapt to our high health and safety standards, but he went above and beyond our expectations, proving his exemplary leadership.”

“The success of this project can be attributed to the wonderful collaboration and the leveraging of everyone’s competencies. Together we deployed all our efforts to realize the work in complete safety,” underlines François-Charles Guay, Engineer-Project Manager.

"It is wonderful to see Rio Tinto Alcan and ABB's commitment to safety translated into reality thanks to our dedicated and hardworking employees," says Andre Steinberg, General Manager for TRES. "Our common approach to safety presents a great building block for us to further strengthen our customer-supplier relations."

André Nolin, Director, Health, Safety and Environment for ABB in Canada adds: "We're committed to setting new benchmarks in terms of safety. And we're excited to be collaborating with our customer to provide valued service in the eyes of our customer that strives for excellence in preventing any people or environment incidents."

The repair project got underway in early 2013 and is expected to be completed in May 2014.

Congratulations to the team for their commitment to safety and working together!